Private Lessons

In My Music Studio or Online

I offer private lessons in my home studio in the community of Cougar Ridge in Calgary or online via SKYPE or Zoom.  I use a combination of self-created materials, online & desktop apps, music books with the Royal Conservatory program and/or Suzuki books depending on the student’s/parent’s goals.  I’ve been trained in classical string literature, but I have extensive experience with many genres of music, especially all kinds of fiddle music.  In addition to teaching instrumental technique, I also focus on general musicianship including vocalizing, reading, listening and rhythmic practice.  Performance Practice will be very important each week where we will set goals to perform on video for friends and family.   I am always looking for music that inspires students in their musical studies as the joy of music making is our constant goal. This will push us on to explore even more!

I charge $85 per hour that is prorated for the lesson length (4 lessons per month).
Here are suggested lesson lengths with monthly fees:

15 min lesson – $85 per month
(ages 3 – 6 for musicianship) 

30 min lesson – $170 per month
(ages 3 – 6 for the instrument) 

45 min lesson  – $255 per month
(ages 7- 11)

60 min lesson  – $340 per month
(ages over 12)

If you are interested, please schedule a free consultation to tour the studio and to have a brief lesson.  I will explain further my teaching philosophy and what approach I will use with possible resources needed.  This will provide an opportunity to review the lesson policy and answer any questions that may arise.  

I believe everyone can reach their full potential with the right teacher/student relationship.  The first step is to work together and see the results.

Dean’s consummate understanding of violin technique and how to get the most out of the instrument is impressive. His flexibility and his creativity in reaching each student where they are and adapt to their needs and learning style is beautiful to watch. His ability to nurture young performers to discover their own voice and connect with an audience is uncanny.